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This page shows some basic Super-Melee techniques as well as how to handle some difficult matchups against the computer.


[edit] Techniques

[edit] Leyland Gravity Whip

The Gravity Whip is simply flying close to the planet, but not so close that you fall into it, just close enough to get into its gravity well. This will fling your ship to a much higher speed than before, often past your ship's top speed.

[edit] Escaping a Chmmr Avatar's tractor beam

The basic trick here is not to thrust directly away from the Avatar, but rather thrust at a 90 degrees angle to it. See Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Mycon Podship

[edit] Difficult matchups

This section shows matchups against an "Awesome" computer opponent.

[edit] Defeating a Shofixti Scout with an Arilou Skiff

Link: Media:Arilou_Skiff_defeats_Shofixti_Scout.avi

[edit] Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Mycon Podship

Link: Media:Mycon_Podship_defeats_Chmmr_Avatar.avi

[edit] Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Spathi Eluder

Link: Media:Spathi_Eluder_defeats_Chmmr_Avatar.avi

[edit] Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger

Link: Media:Zoq-Fot-Pik_Stinger_defeats_Chmmr_Avatar.avi

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