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Ship Pages[edit]

I re-worked the following ship pages during 2009-2010:

Net Melee[edit]

Self-proclaimed melee expert right here. I have played a tremendous amount of Super Melee against other players starting from the the release of UQM v0.6.0 and onward. I've also hosted many net melee tournaments between 2007 and 2009. The player turn-out was usually small, but I have some good memories of these events in spite of that.

Project 6014[edit]

I did some of the work involved in creating the new ships for Cedric6014's mod project. Most of my attention was focused on ship code, though a few of the graphics are my handiwork. I did design work on the following ships: Lurg Prawn, Chmmr Explorer, Imperial Star Destroyer. With the Lurg Prawn, I also wrote the ship's artificial intelligence script.

Pet Projects[edit]

Net Melee Balance Mod -- A series of ship modifications with PvP in mind.

Net Melee Strategy Guide -- Incomplete.