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The goal of this project is to make every ship in Star Control II's line-up worth using in competitive player-versus-player melee. To this end, the various ships have been strengthened or weakened accordingly. Many minor adjustments have also been made for the sake of aesthetics or continuity. The changes are quite extensive, though I tried not to stray too far from vanilla gameplay.

Recent Changes



  • Battery capacity decreased from 16 to 12.
  • Energy recharge delay increased from 4 to 5.


I received extensive assistance while making this project. I wish to express my thanks to the following individuals:

  • Elvish Pillager wrote a few bits of the most difficult code for this mod and gave significant design input. His Crazy Mod source code was a valuable reference when altering melee.
  • UQM core team members Meep-eep, Fossil and McMartin provided coding and debugging assistance.
  • Gekko was my primary beta test opponent during this mod's creation.
  • Bleeding Star gave some useful design input which led to several necessary adjustments.
  • Death 999 cooked up a nifty program which saved me hours of work when making a larger antimatter cone for Umgah.