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*Below* is the best-fit translation for the Orz's description of where they are from. The Orz say that they are from *below*, while the Arilou are from *above*. The Orz, however, mention that both they and the Arilou are from the *outside*. As a consequence, there are three possible interpretations of the meaning of *below* — as a reference to the Orz's home dimension, as a reference to a location in QuasiSpace (in which case *outside* means "QuasiSpace"), or as a reference to another, obscure characteristic of the Orz in contrast to the Arilou. The Orz might also refer to TrueSpace (and possibly HyperSpace) as *the middle*, in which case it is likely that, in terms of reality phase, the familiar TrueSpace and HyperSpace dimensions lie in-between QuasiSpace and *below*. Although it is known that QuasiSpace is adjacent to HyperSpace, and that HyperSpace is adjacent to TrueSpace, it is not known if *below* is immediately adjacent to TrueSpace.

It may be that *below* is the same as *Pretty Space*, the dimension to where the Taalo apparently fled. However, the Orz mention that "to *play* with Taalo, Orz must *spread* into *Pretty Space*," therefore implying that they are separate dimensions.

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