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The Utwig High Proctor is presumably the leader of the Utwig race, or at least has a powerful influence in various matters. She is referred to as the "Grand Proctor" on one occasion, but all evidence points to the fact that the two designations are synonymous. A recent High Proctor was involved in what the Utwig have collectively named the Great Sin - during the Chinz-Rahl celebration, the High Proctor attempted to pass the Ultron to the Chief Groo, only to see the Chief Groo accidentally (or intentionally, according to the belief of some Utwig) fumble the Ultron, resulting in it falling to the ground and breaking, incapacitating the entire Utwig race with a mournful depression.

Even if the High Proctor during whose time the Ultron was broken and the one referred to in the credits are different High Proctors or not, both are female.