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Below is the classification of Star Control races by various criteria.

Attitude towards The Captain[edit]

This section classifies races by their attitute towards The Captain. (note that any friendly race may be rendered hostile by attacking it)


  • Arilou Lalee'lay - The Arilou will not formally ally themselves, however; they do reward the captain with several Skiff vessels and build him the QuasiSpace Portal Spawner.
  • Chenjesu - The Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm requested to be slave shielded together so they can combine their species, the Chenjesu are effectively replaced by the Chmmr.
  • Chmmr - The Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm are slave-shielded and in the process of becoming the Chmmr and cannot be spoken to without the assistance of a HyperWave 'Caster. After the Captain speeds up the merging the Chmmr will ally themselves with the New Alliance.
  • Humans - Starbase commander Hayes actually starts out neutral, but is quickly pursuaded to resume the fight with the Ur-Quan as an ally.
  • Melnorme - The Melnorme do not formally ally with the captain, but do sell valuable information and ship upgrades. If the Captain attacks the Melnorme, he will have to offer reparations ranging in value from a sincere apology all the way up to offering every piece of non-essential equipment off the Flagship.
  • Mmrnmhrm - The Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm requested to be slave-shielded together so they can combine their species, the Mmrnmhrm are effectively replaced by the Chmmr.
  • Orz - The Orz accept the Captain's offer of alliance immediately after it is requested; however, they will become enemies if you ask about the Androsynth too many times.
  • Pkunk - The Pkunk will not formally ally themselves; however, they do reward the Captain with several Fury vessels every few months if he visits their homeworld and also provide him with advice and give him the Clear Spindle the first time he visits their homeworld.
  • Slylandro - The friendly Slylandro do not formally ally with the captain, as they possess no star fleet. Their Probes are hostile due to a programming mistake on the part of the Slylandro.
  • Supox - The Supox are quite friendly from the very first meeting, they become formal allies after the Captain returns the repaired Ultron to the Utwig.
  • Syreen - At first the Syreen refuse to help the Captain, but will agree to a formal alliance after he helps them exact revenge upon the Mycon.
  • Zoq-Fot-Pik - The Zoq-Fot-Pik can become formal allies after the Captain visits their homeworld, however; the Captain must be sure to uphold his agreement to come to the Zoq-Fot-Pik's aid if they request it or these allies will be lost.


  • Druuge - The Druuge are immediatly interested in trading with the Captain, but never formally ally themselves. The game cannot be won without making enemies of the Druuge.
  • Keel-Verezy - The Keel-Verezy are only mentioned in passing by the Melnorme, there is no way to interact with them.
  • Spathi - The Spathi begrudgingly enter into a formal alliance after the Captain exterminates the Evil Ones from the surface of their homeworld. However, the Spathi have an ulterior motive and will only be formal allies for six months.
  • Umgah - The Umgah actually start out indifferent as they are under the mental compulsion of the Dnyarri. After the Captain saves them the Umgah make him their Great Hero; then get bored with that and make him their Great Enemy and stay hostile from then on.
  • Utwig - The Utwig become formal allies after the Captain returns the repaired Ultron to them.


  • Androsynth - As a race the Androsynth do not appear in Star Control II, there is no way to interact with them aside from visiting their ruins and getting a small bit of history.
  • Dnyarri/neo-Dnyarri - The Dnyarri are not a whole race in Star Control, but are represented by one individual. If the Captain obtains the Taalo Shield the Dnyarri can be forced to cooperate to a certain extent.
  • Ilwrath - The Ilwrath are loyal Ur-Quan battle thralls, and extremely hostile, however; they become indifferent to the Captain while they are attacking the Thraddash.
  • Mycon - The Mycon are typically hostile, but can be communicated with at Beta Brahe I and will become indifferent if they find a suitable planet to implant their Deep Children on. However, once the Captain acquires the Sun Device, the Mycon will become hostile once more and will refuse to communicate with the Captain from then on.
  • Shofixti - The one and only remaining Shofixti captain is hostile due to a misunderstanding involving damaged sensors. The Shofixti captain become friendly after the Captain proves he is not an Ur-Quan by insulting them, and become formal allies shortly after he receives Shofixti maidens.
  • Thraddash - The Thraddash start off hostile, but become formal allies after the captain becomes their Great Teacher. Should the captain steal their Aqua Helix they will become hostile.
  • Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah - The Kohr-Ah are hostile and no form of alliance can be achieved.
  • Ur-Quan Kzer-Za - The Ur-Quan are generally hostile, but patient. There are many instances where they will let the Captain leave without fighting. The Kzer-Za become neutral after they lose the Doctrinal Conflict.
  • VUX - The VUX are typically hostile, but do refer the Captain to Admiral ZEX. There is no way to formally ally with the VUX.
  • Yehat - The Yehat have become Ur-Quan battle thralls. However, during the game the captain can incite a civil war and has a 50/50 chance of running into Yehat rebels who are friendly and might provide ships. The Yehat cannot be formally allied with.