Mysteries left by Star Control II

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This is a list of mysteries that are still open at the end of Star Control II.


Mysteries related to the Precursors.

What happened to the Precursors?[edit]

From the Slylandro:
Joyous Lifting, who has a better memory than I recalls that the Shaggy Ones were described as being... worried.
They were always hurrying from place to place, seeking knowledge as though they were in a desperate search for some important secret some answer to a question that they never shared with us.
Sullen Plummet remembers that the last time the Shaggy Ones visited our world they came aboard a great circular starship, one even larger than your own.
They had discovered their Answer and were leaving to go somewhere and they didn't tell us exactly where 'somewhere' was.
From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<_Stilgar> Fwiffo- was it your intention to make the Orz the "bad guys" in StarControl 3?
<Fwiffo> In our rambling thoughts about SC3 we did seriously consider having the Orz assume a much larger and more ominous role, opposed to the return of the Precursors.

What is the purpose of the Rainbow Worlds?[edit]

From the Slylandro:
We were told the planets were... again this is confusing... organized (?) in some pattern which in some way alluded to the Shaggy Ones' ultimate fate.
From the Spathi:
We haven't been able to translate much of their writing, but we understand one fragment of text.
It mentions a sequence of 10 artificial `waste disposal sites' they built somewhere around here.

IDF races[edit]

Mysteries related to IDF races.

Who are They/Them?[edit]

What happened to the Androsynth? Are any still alive?[edit]

From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<LordR-man> Fwiffo- What really happened to the Androsynth in sc2?
<Fwiffo> In regards to the Androsynth: They were snagged by the entity who/which projected its fingers into our dimension (which looked to us as the Orz.)
From a fan email with Fred Ford:
> Were ALL the Androsynth destroyed when the Orz came?
Perceptive lad. This was a leading plot candidate for our theoretical sequel.

Are there still Taalo alive?[edit]

From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<_Stilgar> <che`z`puf> Are the Taalo really dead, and when the Pkunk spoke of rocks that were awakened, did they mean the Taaolo?
<Fwiffo> The Taalo LIVE!

What are the Arilou's motives for messing with Humans?[edit]

In Star Control 3, it is explained that due to their age and partially due to their time in QuasiSpace, Arilou DNA is prone to abnormalities and defects, and human DNA can be "spliced in" to alleviate this. Like many of Star Control 3's "revelations", this is generally disregarded as non-canonical by fans of the series, although it would explain alien abductions.

What are the Orz's goals?[edit]

Where do the Orz come from?[edit]

What is the exact nature of the relationship of the Arilou with the Orz?[edit]

From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<Mephisto_> Fwiffo: What exactly did the Arilou *quickbabies* do to piss off the Orz so much?
<Fwiffo> The Arilou always *jumped in front*, which was both a physical taunt as well as a political one. They got to the humans first.

Who or what are the *Nnngn* that the Arilou are chasing?[edit]

Other known races[edit]

Mysteries related to non-IDF races that have been contacted by the Alliance or are amongst its members.

Why did the Ur-Quan destroy all objects of human construction more than 500 years old?[edit]

It was to destroy the human sense of history. "It took days after we crawled from our smouldering shelters to realize what the Ur-Quan had done. Our new masters had targeted every building, monument or other man-made construction older than 500 years and destroyed it. In those two days, we lost most of the history of mankind." We were slaves now, our history and culture was erased.

On Earth, they destroyed all Human dwellings, monuments and archaeological sites older than 500 years, including some of which the Humans were not even aware, apparently to forcibly uproot a culture they found troublesome and allow it to be completely replaced with a more Ur-Quan-friendly one. How often this was practiced for conquered worlds is unknown, though the Spathi claim to have undergone a similar process.

How did The Captain find the Mark II?[edit]

Does the Black Spathi Squadron really exist?[edit]

How will the Ultron affect the Druuge and how did it affect the Supox?[edit]

From the Utwig:
The Druuge were only one of the few to benefit in this way.
Even now, they are puzzled by the way we rewarded them for the delivery of the Ultron to its correct place.
In twenty-four years, two months and three days they will all dance the dance of Jubilation.
Indeed, the Ultron has allowed us to fundamentally change the Druuge forever!
The Supox too received many benefits from our use of the Ultron.
They can testify to its power!

What is the connection between the Humans and the Syreen?[edit]

They seem to be physically compatible, at least to a certain extent.

The Captain and Talana's children[edit]

The Captain is white, Talana is blue, but their children are white and they don't seem to have any Syreen features. Why is that?

Is the Ultron still in working order?[edit]

Are the events in the outtakes with respect to the Ultron to be taken seriously?

What happened to the neo-Dnyarri?[edit]

Did he survive as it is said in the out-takes?

Unknown races[edit]

Mysteries related to non-IDF races which the Alliance has never contacted, as far as the Humans know. These races may or may not be real races.

Who created the Mother-Ark that built the Mmrnmhrm and with what purpose?[edit]

Who are the Keel-Verezy?[edit]

From the 2007 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (robot is Fred Ford, PR3 is Paul Reiche III):
00:28 <+Valaggar> Who are the Keel-Verezy? (At least give us a hint)
00:29 <+PR3> Keel-Verezy seem like some kind of horrible evil spirit that are invisible and can fly spaceships.
00:30 <+PR3> (furiously checking uqm.stack) But they are friendly... and evil. And invisible.

Who were the Dramya and how did the Melnorme destroy them?[edit]

Does the Spathi's Ultimate Evil really exist?[edit]

From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<_Stilgar> <Spyhunter> Fwiffo: "How does an "Ultimate Evil" -race in an SC2 -style game behave when meeting the player?"
<Fwiffo> You mean the big carnivorous teddy bears on Spathiwa?
<Xxyl> I believe those were those "Evil Ones"
<_Stilgar> <Spyhunter> Fwiffo: "No, I mean the main enemy in the game. ;)"
<Fwiffo> Oh yeah. Well, I rarely paint someone as absolutely "evil" -- it's all a matter of perspective. What is interesting is why people (aliens) do things that seem evil to you or me, and what prevents us from doing the same.

The fact that Paul/Fred didn't recall the Ultimate Evil suggests that this is not an important plot point, but merely a product of the Spathi's paranoia. Fwiffo's description "[...] it lurks just outside the range of even the most sensitive, long-range detectors [...]" supports this idea.

If you go to the Spathi home world after it has been destroyed by the Korh-Ah after the doctrinal war is over, there will be a transmitter with a note taped to the side reading that it is the device that the Um-Gah used to trick them into thinking there was an ultimate evil. Probably an allusion to what is happening to the Illwrath, if you didn't figure that out earlier in the game.

What is the nature of the Chimt?[edit]


Things (presented as mysteries in the game) that may leave you wondering when you first find out about them, but which are likely not to be important per se in the big picture.

Why did the Melnorme's bridge turn purple?[edit]

The Melnorme offer to tell you this piece of information for 120,000 credits (on the PC version) or 12,000,000 credits (on the 3DO version and UQM), but it is impossible to gather this many credits, and their conversation tree doesn't include a response for this.

From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<Fwiffo> The Purple Bridge question, eh? How much is it worth to you?
<Deep-Reep> 120,000 credits
<ORZ> 120,000 credits
<Fwiffo> I promise here and now, that in our next SC project, we'll answer that Purple Bridge question to your ultimate satisfaction.

How is Frungy played?[edit]

From a mail by Fred Ford to a Star Control II player:
I think one of the reasons SC has endured is that Paul and I were conscious of hinting about things, but ultimately letting the game-player use his or her imagination to fill in the picture. Frungy is the poster-boy for this technique.

Why doesn't the Fot say anything?[edit]

From the 2007 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (robot is Fred Ford, PR3 is Paul Reiche III):
23:26 <@Meep-Eep> < Elerium> Speaking of which, does the guy in the back of the ZFP have any future plans? We all know he doesn't say anything, but I like to think of him as some super genius who sadly doesn't have the ability to speak.
23:28 <+PR3> He got fed up with the other two and has temporarily 'broken up the band'. You will need to get them back together, because as solo artists they suck.
23:28 <+PR3> (I mean the guy in back of the ZFP).

What do the Orz best-fits mean?[edit]