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I don't think it's necessary or appropriate to give direct spoilers for what the in-game use of these artifacts is here. This is an encyclopedia for the background story of the game, not a walkthrough or strategy guide -- plenty of those already exist, and putting that kind of information here ruins the atmosphere of a factual database of an imaginary world.

I agree that spoilers of the kind "Do this. Do that." are out of place. However, I do not think saying something like "The Captain in SC2 has the opportunity to ..." is really a problem. SvdB 16:14, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)

Where does this information that the Druuge built "the most powerful transmitter their resources would allow" come from? I can find nothing refering to the resources. SvdB 16:14, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)

Burvix Caster[edit]

Only reference I can find is what the Druuge say about the caster and their role in the destruction of the Burvix race:

"Our sensors reveal that you have one of our more powerful HyperWave `Casters on board your ship. Have no fear, Captain. It was abandoned on the Burvixese moon and by our law it belongs to you; however we are fond of the device and wish to regain it through trade. Give us the `Caster, and we will give you all the fuel your ship can hold."

"More information, Captain? You have learned so much about us already! Very well. You may be interested to know that we recently diverted the onslaught of a hostile alien race. We learned of its approach from our ex-clients, the Burvixese. The kind and philanthropic Burvixese informed us that a dark and sinister armada had detected our HyperWave emissions, and though still distant was inexorably homing in on our central trade world at Zeta Persei. We devised a brilliant plan, implemented it perfectly and were thus spared gruesome death at the hands of the aliens who we later learned called themselves the `Kohr-Ah'."

"SUBJECT: HyperWave Broad`Caster - Unknown Design. DATA: This technology is new to us, and though a bit primitive by Alliance standards it is capable of generating a VERY strong signal. SUMMARY: Should you wish to call someone in HyperSpace, or send a message through a mile of steel this baby would do just fine."

Whether the caster is Druuge built or a Precursor relic is total speculation.

There is more. The Melnorme say "When the Burvixese were kind enough to warn the Druuge that a hostile alien race was homing in on their HyperWave's radiations, the Druuge shut down all their transmitters and erected a powerful HyperWave beacon on the surface of the Burvixese moon." And in the Role Playing Resource Guide you can find "Once there, the task force assembled a huge HyperWave broadcaster on the moon s surface." But still, I suspect the writer of this article made up the "most powerful transmitter their resources would allow". -- SvdB