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Where did you find the information about the Burvixese being 'Turtle-Like?'s.

I'm not the author of this piece of information, but the SC2 resource guide does say: "The Burvixese race evolved on the planet Arcturus 1, progressing from turtle-like swamp dwellers to a benevolent, highly tech-nological society in just over fifteen million Earth years." - SvdB 04:09, 10 Apr 2005 (CEST)

It's interesting - by which means did the Burvixese communicate. If they had some kind of extremely powerful Hyperwave casters, with enough power for interplanetary connections - why then the Kohr-Ah didn't notice their communications (with Gg, for instance) before the Druuges' communications? Even if the Druuge had impressive casters set up for promotional reasons, their broadcasts weren't likely to completely hide a very strong Hyperwave trail, even if the Burvixese kept the strictest possibly radio silence right after receiving Gg's warning and passing it to the Druuge.
Another possibility is that they have an innate ability of Hyperwave speaking similar to Chenjesu, though it seems fantastic, given the literally astronomical distances.
The last possibility is that their Hyperwave hardware was much more advanced than anyone else's in the galaxy, the difference between their gadgets and common 'Casters being similar to one between a dial-up modem and an ADSL modem: both are plugged into same telephone lines, but the latter doesn't make the line busy and works much faster. So maybe they were able to communicate in the Hyperwave format, but their signal travelled in a different way and was harder to intercept by conventional means that the Kohr-Ah used to track down their prey.