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Style of name[edit]

This brings up an interesting predicament. While monitoring the recent changes (don't worry Val, this isn't personal, it's how I've always tried to be aware of what's going on here even before you showed up) I noticed a move from an article using "SuperMelee" to "Super Melee". Now frankly, I couldn't care less which it is but I thought this should at least be formally discussed and agreed on. There are three forms in which this phrase shows up: "Super-Melee" on the UQM ship selection menu for Super Melee, "SuperMelee" throughout the SC2 PC manual, and "Super Melee" on the UQM menu and the 3DO manual. I don't know what it shows up as in any of the 3D0 menus (having never played it) nor in the PC ship selection menu (even though I did play it, it was awhile back). So thoughts on which form to use (and why)? --Fyzixfighter 22:33, 15 June 2007 (CEST)

I don't really care which we use, but I just wanted to throw in that the main menu in UQM has it as Super Melee! --Gaeamil 01:55, 16 June 2007 (CEST)
UQM has "Super-Melee"; the good old DOS version (there really should be a DOS GUI option!) was "Super-Melee" (see youtube). That change was primarily based on the fact that "Super Melee" should be spelled the same all thorough the Ultronomicon. Since its article has the name in two words, I just went with it.
However, your point is valid; the only occurrence as two words is "Super Melee!" (not "Super Melee") in the UQM menu, which isn't canon; if this is a reminiscence from the 3DO version, fine (in the DOS version the menu name for SuperMelee was ;)), but I feel that we should stick with what is used more and in a more relevant place. So what's more relevant, the game or the manual? Well, you can play the game without the manual, but the manual is of no use without the game, so "Super-Melee", the in-game denomination, should prevail (and the others should be mentioned as alternative spellings). Valaggar 07:51, 16 June 2007 (CEST)