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aka Sol VI
Orbit: 9.52 a.u. Mass: 109.7 e.s.
Atmo: Super Thick Radius: 9.45 e.s.
Temp: -197° c Gravity: 1.22 g.
Weather: Class 8 Day: 0.42 days
Tectonics: None Tilt: 27°
Gas Giant

Saturn is a Gas Giant and is the sixth planet in the Sol system. While it is orbited by several moons, only Titan is explorable by lander. Its famous ring system cannot be seen in the game.

Saturn's moon Titan, an Alkali World, is noteworthy as the only natural satellite in the Sol system with an appreciable atmosphere. The Spathi contingent of the Earthguard spent some time on Titan prior to their finally redeployment to Pluto.