Yehat Revolution

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Yehat Revolution / Wars of Ascension
Terminator icon.png Fury icon.png Terminator icon.png
Yehat and Pkunk ships
Duration several months
Location Yehat space
Result * Rebel victory
* Ascension of Queen Braky Girdy the First, a Pkunk
* Yehat-Pkunk assist the Alliance in the Final Mission
Rebels Loyalists

The Yehat Revolution, also called the Wars of Ascension, is a civil war between the Yehat Rebels and Pkunk against the Yehat Royalists. It is an optional event that occurs only if The Captain helps revive the Shofixti race and proves it to the Yehat Starship Clans.


Ironically, the Royalists and the Rebels are both royalist, with the former being Loyalists to the reigning monarch, and the latter breaking their allegiance and pledging it to a different monarch. The term Royalist is used canonically by the Captain during interaction with hostile loyalist forces.

The civil war itself has a different name depending on who you ask. The Rebels and Captain recognize it as a Revolution while the Royalists recognize it as a continuation of the Wars of Ascension.

Seeds of Revolution[edit]

The Starship Clans were ashamed of their actions in the Great War, particularly when obeying the orders of the Veep-Neep Queen to abandon the Shofixti to the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za at Delta Gorno. The Starship Clans knew that if the Shofixti were still alive, the shame would be unbearable.

The Captain can meet with the Yehat during Star Control II, but while they are sympathetic to his cause, the Queen gives direct orders to the Starship Clans not to give him any assistance. This changes when The Captain revives the Shofixti race and sends a Shofixti captain to meet with representatives of the Zeep-Zeep Clan The shock of seeing their adopted children reborn forces the Yehat to face their shameful actions, and in response, the Zeep-Zeep Clan breaks its allegiance to the Veep-Neep Queen.

However, not all Yehat are convinced that the Veep-Neep Queen's actions were dishonorable. These Yehat Royalists fight to preserve the Queen's place upon the High Perch.

Events of the Revolution[edit]

Yehat Rebels brief The Captain

The civil war begins with both sides in control of roughly half the total star systems under the original Yehat sphere of influence.

The Veep-Kreep Clan joins the Zeep-Zeep in the revolution. Under the leadership of Cheep-Guava, the Yehat Rebels take control of five star systems formerly under the Yehat Royalists.

The Rebels eventually defeat the Royalists and pull the Veep-Neep Queen from the High Perch. Surprisingly, Braky Girdy the First, a Pkunk, flies in to replace the Veep-Neep Queen and unites the Clans "in peace and harmony as never before."

The peaceful Pkunk are successfully absorbed into Yehat culture and begin to provide the Yehat with spiritual insights into themselves. The combined Pkunk Fury and Yehat Terminator fleets provide The Captain with some vital reinforcements after he fights through the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah defenses to face the Sa-Matra.

Spheres of Influence[edit]


On the Starmap, the Yehat Sphere of Influence is split in two. The Royalist sphere remains violet (dark purple) and the Rebel sphere is mauve (light purple). Loyalist space sits to the west and Rebel space to the east. If the Flagship crosses one frontier, it will encounter that faction's forces. If the Flagship enters the overlapping spheres, it will be intercepted by both hostile and friendly forces. Eventually, the Pkunk will migrate into pan-Yehat space, adding a third, teal, sphere to the mix.