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*'''[[Star Control I]]''' <br>—the alternate reality in which this takes place
*[[Supreme Council of The Alliance of Free Stars]]<br>—the ruling body of the Alliance
*[[Supreme Council of The Alliance of Free Stars]]<br>—the ruling body of the Alliance
*[[ComSim Central]] <br>—the training simulator for Alliance pilots
*[[ComSim Central]] <br>—the training simulator for Alliance pilots

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Alliance of Free Stars
Star Control I Alliance Victory Screen.png

The Alliance members.
Type: Military Alliance
Headquarters: Supreme Council of the
Alliance of Free Stars
Duration: 2110:
—Surrender of remaining members
Members: (7)
Ships: Allied fleet

The Alliance of Free Stars was a cooperative coalition of seven starfaring races that was created during the Ur-Quan Slave War to oppose the Ur-Quan and their Hierarchy of Battle Thralls. It was ultimately unsuccessful in preventing the Ur-Quan from conquering the member races, but pockets of resistance remained even after the Alliance's defeat. After over 20 years of subjugation, the New Alliance of Free Stars rose as a continuation of the original alliance, with most of the old members, as well as a number of new species, resuming the fight against the Ur-Quan.


The Alliance began circa 2110 as a mutual defense agreement between the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm, and was successful in turning away an initial incursion of Hierarchy forces. The Yehat and their foster species, the Shofixti, joined the Alliance shortly thereafter. The Humans joined the Alliance in 2116, four years after first contact with the Chenjesu. A day after Earth joined, the Arilou appeared and requested entrance into the Alliance. The Syreen were the last to become a member, joining somewhat loosely in 2120.

Though the Alliance fought valiantly and were able to hold off the Hierarchy's fleet until 2134, the Hierarchy ultimately prevailed. The Chenjesu, Mmrnmhrm, Humans and Syreen were encased in slave shields, the Yehat defected to Battle Thrall ranks, the Arilou disappeared, and the Shofixti sacrificed themselves in a "blaze of glory" using their Precursor Bomb rather than be enslaved.

The New Alliance began to take shape in 2155 through the efforts of the Human Captain from Unzervalt.