Alliance of Free Stars

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The old Alliance of Free Stars was an co-operative alliance of seven free starfaring races to oppose The Ur-Quan and their Hierarchy of Battle Thralls. Humanity joined the alliance in 2116, 4 years after the first contact with the Chenjesu.

Though the alliance fought valiantly, eventually they were defeated by the Hierarchy in 2134. Four of these races were slave shielded, one joined as a Battle Thrall, one disappered and one sacrificed itself, rather than becoming a slave.

Star Control I/Backstory Era

The New Alliance of Free Stars was constructed when the Captain arrived at Earth star base in 2155. Though the new alliance only started with about 1000 humans as their force, over the next few years, the captain quickly gathered most of the old allies back and even some new and powerful ones.

The new Alliance proved it's strength after the Captain cleverly tricked the Ur-Quan and attacked and destroyed Sa-Matra, their almost invincible Precursor battleship. Chaos immediately followed in the Hierarchy and the combined power of allied starships and Chmmr forces swiftly defeated both Ur-Quan races and brought freedom back to the quadrant.

Star Control II/The Ur-Quan Masters Era

  • * Alliance largely contingent on player actions.
  • + Alliance unofficial -- They assist greatly without sending captains and ship plans