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{{note|1}} ''[[Role Playing Resource Guide]], pg. 4''
{{note|1}} ''[[Role Playing Resource Guide]], pg. 4''
[[Category:Stars|Centauri, A]]
[[Category:Stars|Centauri, A]]
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Alpha Centauri is a red supergiant star located at 155.9 : 099.3 in the Centauri constellation. This star system contains nine planets and four moons, and is a trading post of the Melnorme. It is the fourth-most mineral rich star system in this region of space, yielding 11,476 RUs in total.1 Also, Commander Hayes mentions that a Precursor orbital platform was discovered in this star system.

While minerals are highly abundant in this star system, even the furthest planet has many hotspots. Landing on these planets without the hot-spot resistance upgrade is very dangerous, but a careful, patient landing party can eventually get all valuable minerals by returning to orbit often.

The following is a list of planets and moons in this star system:

Notes and references

1 Role Playing Resource Guide, pg. 4