Ambush at Organon

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Ambush at Organon
Penetrator icon.png Podship icon.png
Syreen and Mycon ships
Duration single battle in Second Doctrinal War
Location Organon I (685.8 : 057.7)
Result Syreen decisive victory
Syreen Mycon

The ambush at Organon is a significant event of Star Control II during which the Syreen take revenge on the Mycon for the destruction of Syra and The Captain obtains a necessary Precursor artifact. After The Captain helps to recover the Syreen Penetrator ships from the vault on Epsilon Camelopardalis I-A, Talana is finally able to implement her planned attack against the Mycon, who had turned the Syreen homeworld, Syra, into a Shattered World about 120 years prior.

The Syreen choose the planet Organon I as the best location to ambush the Mycon. Organon I had been ranked a close second to Gaia in terms of habitability in the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za's stellar charts, making it an ideal bait for the Mycon who seek out life-rich Water Worlds to turn into Shattered Worlds. Talana tasks The Captain with recommending Organon I for colonization to the Mycon at Epsilon Scorpii I. The Mycon, who have great difficulty understanding deception, send the Birthing Fleet to the planet, but fail to initially detect the Syreen fleet waiting in ambush behind the planet's moon.

When the Birthing Fleet approaches Organon I, they break combat formation and disperse around the planet, preparing to implant the Deep Children. When the Penetrators charge at them, they refuse to abandon the slow Deep Children, opting instead to remain strategically vulnerable in the gravity well. In the ensuing chaos, most Podships are destroyed, either by their own plasmoids or by the Penetrators — Talana hints that the Syreen Song was used extensively during the battle, as an ultimate tool of revenge.

Although the Mycon lose a significant portion of their fleet in this battle, they maintain a positive outlook when asked about it by The Captain, claiming that the setback is just an "unforeseen delay" and that the Deep Children will be eventually born, as Juffo-Wup is inevitable. It is not known whether they actually succeed in implanting the Deep Child, though Organon I remains a Water World for the rest of the game. Also, while most of the Mycon fleet is away and focused on Organon I, The Captain is able to steal the Sun Device from Beta Brahe I.