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Few can blame the Androsynth for joining the Hierarchy. Originally created by Humans to act as cheap laborforce (so as not to say "Slaves"), the Android Synthetics have gained their freedom few years before the Ur-Quan fleet arrived into the region. Turning their back on the Humans the Androsynth took to the stars and colonized the Vulpeculae Sector. The next time they made contact with the Humans was when Guardian ships left blazing paths of death in the lines of the Cruisers.

Shortly after the war has ended, with all Alliance races enslaved or destroyed, The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za turned to fight their second Doctorinal War with the incoming Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah. The hierarchy Battle Thralls were told to stand aside and so the Androsynth returned to their home.

Evidently they turned towards experiments in Interdimensional Fatigue, possibly as a result of finding some remains of a Taalo experiment. Their Interdimensional Fatigue research would spell the Androsynth doom. Soon after their experiments began, the Androsynth disappeard without a trace - no one knows for sure why or how but the Orz then "popped out" in Androsynth space. The Orz refuse to talk about the Androsynth but it is considerably possible that they had something to do with the Androsynth disapperance after the Androsynth made them *Frumple*.

The Androsynth Guardian is an ungainly ship, slow and heavy. It's main weapon, the Molecular Acid Sphere Launcher is mainly effective if you wish to lay mines behind you to repel fast pursuers. The Androsynth is capbale of transforming into the "Blazer" or "Comet" form which propels it to speeds unheard of. The speed and friction superheat the Comet's outside hall, turning her into a burning-ramming attacker.