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The Appendages of Dawn are a device containing many eclectic components embedded in an armlike device composed of golden metal, constantly emitting distinct patterns of light and sound from each of its components; it is these components that, according to the Utwig's beliefs, generate "metawave gyrations" that interact with organic brains, slowly allowing them to perceive the supernatural forces that underly physical reality. The origins of the Appendages are unknown, but they fall within a certain class of Precursor artifacts, along with the "Empties", "Singing Hoops" and "Big Dud", all of which generate characteristic energy patterns in certain tests that confirm their Precursor origin, and all of whose internal functions and intended purposes are highly mysterious. Interestingly, while the Utwig believe the Ultron is a universal tool that can unlock mystic perception for all races, the Appendages of Dawn have had no observable effect at all on all known races that have been in contact with it until the Utwig obtained it, suggesting that perhaps whatever abilities the Utwig possess are innate and unlocked by some effect of the Ultron on Utwig psychology.
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