Arcturus I

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Arcturus I
Burvixese homeworld
Orbit: 0.39 a.u. Mass: 0.43 e.s.
Atmo: 0.22 atm Radius: 0.75 e.s.
Temp: 18° c Gravity: 0.76 g.
Weather: Class 1 Day: 0.83 days
Tectonics: Class 1 Tilt: 26°

Arcturus I is a Redux World orbited by a single moon in the Arcturus star system. The planet has a damp surface with several swamps and was, until recently, the home of the Burvixese. An incident involving the Druuge, a HyperWave ´Caster, and the Kohr-Ah ended the Burvixese race's existence in 2142 after three days of consecutive, merciless orbital bombardment. There are ruins of many great cities on the planet's surface, now reduced to mere radioactive slag by a weapon clearly of Ur-Quan design. The ruins are a grim testament to the killing power of the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah.