Arilou Lalee'lay

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The Arilou Lalee'lay are an enigmatic and reclusive society of aliens who eerily resemble the pop-culture image of an alien, with smooth green skin and huge eyes that dominate the face. Their Skiff spacecraft are also a spitting image of the "flying saucer" popularized by 20th century science fiction.

For some reason, the Arilou seem to have a vested interest in the well-being of mankind. They take a patronizing attitude towards humans and reveal little of what they truly know. Even then- their answers are cryptic and generally create more questions than they answer.

The Arilou were the cause of some mythical creatures in Earth's past and the infamous UFO sightings and alien abductions starting from 1940 going to the year 2000 and beyond, and have throughout Earth's history had many names: Elves, Fairies, Martians, Greys, Zeta Reticulans etc.

Their homeworld, called Falayalaralfali, resides in QuasiSpace.