Arilou Lalee'lay

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Arilou Lalee'lay
The enigmatic Arilou
Homeworld: Falayalaralfali
Coordinates: QuasiSpace
Member of: Alliance of Free Stars,
New Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: Skiff

The Arilou Lalee'lay, or Arilou for short, are an enigmatic and reclusive species. They first made themselves known to the Galaxy during the First War, suddenly appearing and applying to join the [[Alliance of Free Stars]. Their actions were equally mercurial at the end of the war, retreating and abandoning the other races as soon as the Humans were slave-shielded. The motives for their actions seem to be some mysterious connection they have with the Human race.

First Contact, Recent History

No other race had made contact with the Arilou before the beginning of the First War of the Alliance against the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. Even as open hostilities began between the two coalitions, the Arilou remained absent and silent until the Chenjesu made first contact with the race of Humans in 2116. On the day August 2 on the Human calendar, the day after the Human United Nations formally ratified a treaty joining the Alliance, a fleet of small, disc-shaped vessels suddenly appeared orbiting the satellite moon, Luna, of the human homeworld Earth. Landing on the moon, the ships transmitted a request to meet with Alliance representatives.

It was on the moon's surface where Human and Chenjesu delegates met the Arilou La'leelay for the first time. Claiming that they, too, were under threat from the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za expansion, the Arilou asked for the Alliance's protection in return for its support. Alliance leaders quickly decided they needed any help they could get and welcomed the Arilou into the fold.

Even so, many Alliance members had reservations. The Arilou were extremely secretive, refusing to reveal any details about their civilization or their technology, even refusing to give the location of their homeworlds or the means by which they'd come to Luna. More disturbing, however, was the Humans' reaction. To their eyes, the Arilou appeared exactly like the stereotypical image of a legendary alien race long rumored to have secretly interfered in Human affairs, variously called "Martians", "Roswell Grays" or "Zeta Reticulans". The Human governments searched their ancient archives and found the resemblance too close to be coincidental, but the exigencies of war and the closedmouthness of the Arilou prevented them from examining the matter any further.

The Arilou fleet played a key role in the war; despite its small size, it had an amazingly fast travel time, disappearing and reappearing from combat sites at speeds far greater than the most advanced HyperSpaces known to the rest of the Alliance could allow. The Arilou Skiff, though an apparently weak ship, employed many unique, exotic technologies, such as an inertialess TrueSpace propulsion system allowing it to hover in gravity wells and an incredibly powerful short-range Hyperdrive allowing it to "teleport", making it unmatched for scouting and harassing enemy ships.

Even so, the small and lightly-armed Arilou fleet took heavy casualties during the course of the war, as they were primarily engaged in the main fighting on the Coreward Front defending Human space. When the Alliance began to crumble and Hierarchy forces pushed rimward and took the Sol system, slave-shielding, the remaining defenders of the Front understandably, if regrettably, scattered. As the Yehat and Shofixti retreated to the Gorno system, the Arilou and Syreen fleets were left huddled together; expecting help from the Arilou, the Syreen were shocked to see the Arilou worldessly retreat and vanish into space, abandoning them to the Ur-Quan. The cowardice and treachery of the Arilou are still cursed by the Syreen to this day.

Appearance and Phisiology

The Arilou eerily resemble the human pop-culture image of an alien, with smooth blue-green to grey skin and huge eyes that dominate the face, and slightly shorter than humans, standing around 1.5 meters. Their Skiff spacecraft are also the spitting image of the "flying saucer" popularized by 20th century human science fiction.

This is no coincidence, as the Arilou were the cause of these stories, as well as having been responsible for other mythical creatures in Earth's history, including Elves, Fairies, Martians, Greys, and Zeta Reticulans. Infact, the name "Arilou Lalee'lay" was used by the ancient Celt civilization to describe a race of mythological elf-like creatures. Whether the Arilou gave this name to themselves or took it as their own from the Celts is up for debate.

The Arilou have claimed responsibility for the infamous UFO sightings and alien abductions occuring on Earth, starting from 1940 or earlier and going to the year 2000 and beyond.

The Arilou are psychically active, communicating with other beings telepathically, and controlling their ships through mental commands.


The Arilou sphere of influence in HyperSpace is centered in the Chandrasekhar constellation, but their homeworld, Falayalaralfali, can only be accessed via QuasiSpace. Chandrasekhar contains the only known natural entrance to QuasiSpace (a secret which the Arilou jealously guard) and this is presumably why the norminally pacifist Arilou defend the region so vigorously. Falayalaralfali bears a striking resembalance to Earth.

Relations with Other Races

For some unknown reason, the Arilou seem to have a vested interest in the well-being of humankind. This attitude covers not just Humans, but their offshot species the Androsynth as well as the genetically compatible Syreen. The Arilou often take a patronizing attitude towards these races, hinting that they know more than they are willing to say. They reveal little of what they truly know or what motivates their actions, and even when they do their answers are cryptic and generally leave even more questions in their wake.

The Arilou have a strong dislike of the newly-arrived Orz, although this may be simply be an extension of their protectiveness of the Andosynth, who the Orz are assumed to have eradicated.

The Arilou also have moderately friendly relationships with the Umgah, and frequently chat with them while passing through their home stars in Orionis constellation. The first war did not effect this relationship, and although they were on the opposing sides, the arilou took no pleasure in blasting Umgah ships to oblivion (and vice versa).

When it comes to the other races of the galaxy the Arilou take no notice as long as they are not a threat to their chosen wards. With this in mind, their actions in the first war seem quite reasonable; the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za would not have destroyed humanity, instead they would have given them the option to serve as battle thralls or to be slave shielded; therefore the Arilou took no action. Once humanity decided to join the Alliance of Free Stars though, there was a chance the species could have been decimated by the conflict, so the Arilou joined in to defend them. And once Humanity was defeated and place beneath an invincible slave shield, the Arilou found it safe to retreat back into anonymity.

Needless to say, the Arilou are concerned about the possible victory of the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah over their Kzer-Za brethren, as their Eternal Doctrine would be a great threat to Humanity and the Syreen. Therefore, the Arilou's assistance could be counted on in the Second War.


The following statements are not proven, and in many cases are not accepted by the majority of the community.

The genetic similarities between Humans and Syreen, left to chance, are a statistical impossibity. Knowing how long the Arilou have been associating with Humans, it is likely that they are somehow responsible for this developement. Perhaps they seeded both the Human and Syreen homeworlds with the same species, or have continually crossbred the two to maintain genetic similarities, or perhaps have used some kind of otherwise unknown technology or psychic phenonmenon to guide the two species' evolution. The quesion is, why?

There are other disturbing facts about the Arilou. During one conversation between Arilou leaders and The Captain, the translator was unable to properly translate one Arilou concept, instead providing a best-fit word: *time*. This indicates that Arilou may have a more profound understanding of what we think of as time. This has led to some speculation that the Arilou could be a future state — or at least a possible future state — of humanity (or the Syreen or their offspring). Indeed, the Arilou's seemingly magnanimous actions certainly take on a more logical — and also more self-serving — tone if one assumes that they are working to promote their own existence. This would also explain the similarity of Falayalaralfali to Earth.

If one follows this path of thinking, it raises some interesting possibilities about Orz's statements that the Arilou are from *above* (the future?) and that Orz is from *below* (the past?). These beliefs are likely incomplete, or at least naive simplifications, considering our lack of complete understanding for the Arilou concept of *time*.