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General Overview

State of the art ship with few real foes. Combining the best traits of the X-Form and the Broodhome the Chmmr have built a super ship. With medium speed and a fairly good turn-rate the Avatar shouldn't be taken lightly. It's main weapon is a strong and deadly Terra-watt laser and the tractor beam would make even the bravest enemy captain sweat. It is orbited by three Zap-satellites for point defense.

Main Weapon: Terra-Watt Laser

Improving the X-Form's deadly lasers with crystalline technology, Chmmr Designers bring in the most devestating laser in the galaxy. Capable of rending ANYTHING to pieces in few seconds, this laser turns a face-to-face battle with the Avatar into a suicide run.

Special System: Tractor Beam

The Laser's one flaw was always it's short range. Well, no more should you worry about it. The Tractor Beam is capable of tractoring ships towards the Avatar's laser-jaws. Only fast-and-heavy ships can hope to evade this awsome beam. Slow ships or fast but light weighted ships (Such as the Shofixti Scout and especially the Yehat Terminator) cannot evade this powerful tractoring. Light weighted can actually be thrown into immense "hyperspacing" speeds. It's is quite funny to see a Terminator passing through the galaxy in speeds three and four times higher than those of the Slylandro Probe. The Arilou Skiff, being unaffected by gravity, is not affected by the Tractor beam.

Additional Special: Zap Satellites

The Zap-sats are a reimplementation of the Broodhome DOGIs. Three AI-Controlled laser-turrets orbit around the Avatar, providing it with point-defense against most types of attacks. Each zap-sat has 12 hit-points and when all three are functional, the Avatar is nearly immune the weapon with 3 or less hit-points.

Tactical Overview

Don't mess with an Avatar. There are clearly few ships that can actually match it.

Strong against: Most ships

Weak against: The Kohr-Ah Marauder's F.R.I.E.D Emmiters take the Zap-sats into pieces. While the Kzer-Za Dreadnought's fighters are pointless versus the zap-sats, the Dreadnought has a better range and its fusion blasts can tear down the Avatar real quick. The Druuge Mauler can recoil out of laser range while pummeling the Avatar with its cannon. The Chenjesu Broodhome can prove a worthy adversary as well. The Shofixti Scout's glory device and the Androsynth Guardian in comet form prove very nasty against the Avatar. Also, the Utwig Jugger can be a real pain. A very hot Fury Pilot can get something done but that's harder. A Yehat Terminator, if hurled into "hyperspacing speed" can rain fire on the Avatar but that's not an easy thing to do.

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