Battle at Antares

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When the Utwig and the Supox went into battle against the Kohr-Ah to balance the Doctrinal Conflict between the two Ur-Quan subspecies, they initially fought separated - the Supox at Antares and the Utwig in the Horologii stars.

However, they faced grievous losses because of their inadequate tactics. After a while, though, they realized that they should work in tandem, the Utwig Juggers providing cover and absorbing the Kohr-Ah Marauders' attack, while the Supox Blades waited for the depletion of the enemy battery, at which point they charged.

So they split their forces between the two fronts at Antares and at Horologii. At some point, the Antares front was broken and the Kohr-Ah launched a massive counterattack in the Horologii constellation, where the Supox and the Utwig grouped to face the threat, eventually being overwhelmed by the superior numbers of the Kohr-Ah.