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General review

The Blade is a largely underrated ship. It’s rapid fire capability can pound an unwary enemy and the lateral thrusting, when properly used, is nearly as good as the Arilou Hyperspace shunts in evading shots. The Blade is quick and agile with a fair turn-rate, allowing it to considerably hamper enemy targeting efforts. Its slender form makes it harder to hit her.

Main Weapon: Sprout Gun

The rapid-fire Sprout Gun may cause small damage but it sure fires fast. Even when out of battery, the gun’s firing rate remains high and it’s range, equaling the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Dreadnought and the Syreen Penetrator can prove deadly.

Special System: Lateral Thrusting System

It takes a hell lot of practice to master the tricky Lateral Thrusting System but when correctly used, the Lateral Thrusting can be used to sidestep shots or strafe into a firing position. Especially effective against slow-firing ships such as the Dreadnought or Kohr-Ah Marauder.

Tactical Overview

The Blade is a fair adversary that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Strong against: Syreen Penetrator, Kzer-Za Dreadnought, Vux Intruder, Ilwrath Avenger, Utwig Jugger.

Weak against: Chenjesu Broodhome – The crystalline shards put the Lateral-Sidestepping into a real problem. Arilou Skiff, Slylandro Probe and Pkunk Fury can convey quick hit-n-run attacks on the Blade. Chmmr Avatar.

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