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The [[Guardian#Secondary|comet mode]] of an [[Androsynth]] [[Guardian]] is called the ''Blazer'' Mode.
#REDIRECT [[Guardian#Secondary]]
It can be engaged as long as the [[Guardian]] has battery remaining and it transforms the ship into an high-speed, inertialess comet that burns fuel at a medium pace and does damage to foe on impact. Speed adjustment is not possible.
When battery is exhausted, the ship returns to normal.
There was a bug that consisted in the following: When an [[Androsynth]] [[Guardian]] in [[Blazer]] mode is drained of its last energy by a [[Broodhome#Secondary|DOGI]], the Blazer mode isn't fully turned off; the ship retains it ability to do damage by impact. ([[uqmbug:283|bug #283]]).
The name "Blazer" is only mentioned in-game once, by [[Commander Hayes]] who names their vessels "Blazer starships".
TODO: Is the name mentioned in the manual too?

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