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The old Pkunk seer Awkky Birdy claims to have a spiritual guide who goes by the name of Bosco. He was apparently responsible for bestowing a somewhat salacious dream upon the old seer, in which, whilst being rushed by a herd of aroused Pkunk females who all desire to mate with him, he saw a Clear Spindle, a "red orb", and a "blue twisty thing" all spinning around a "pointy gold thing". Just before he passes out in a fit of ecstasy, for some reason he decides to scream out "DRACONIS!".

This dream was infact a vision of the parts needed to repair the Utwig's Ultron, and was of much use to The Captain despite none of the Pkunk taking much notice of the Ultron-related aspects of the dream. Little else is known about Bosco or what other wisdom he bestows on Awkky Birdy.