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Starship Databank Entry

The Chenjesu Broodhome, like its builders, is made almost entirely of cyrstal. As its name implies it is notably large and somewhat cumbersome, but in a head-on battle it is unlikely to go down without inflicting serious damage to the enemy.


To a sesile and silcon-based race, perhaps the Broodhome seems quick and agile. Most other advanced races tend to disagree. The Broodhome is slow. Slow to move and slow to turn. It can even be difficult for an inexperienced Captain to escape a planet's gravity well. More advanced warriors know to keep their distance from their enemy and plan a careful course near the planet.



The Broodhome's main weapon is a Crystal Shard with almost infinite range. Any Captain foolish enough to be struck by the weapon deserves the vacuumous grave that he is soon to find himself in. The projectile however, like the ship itself, is somewhat slow. By the time it reaches the target, it is very likely that the target has moved. This is when the Crystal Shard's true ingenuity comes in to play. Even a near miss can be turned into a serious blow because the Crystal explodes at the Captain's command, damaging anything that has to escape ponderous onslaught.


The Chenjesu also employ DOGI attack drones. These self-controlled and (can you guess it?) slow moving craft are of sufficient mass to affect an enemy ship's trajectory when they collide with one, a feat which they excel at performing. In addition to this slight change of course, which often upsets the affected Captain's careful aim at the distant Broodhome, he will find his energy reserves being drained away and often times depleted. Lucky for him the DOGIs have a limited lifespan, but their mothership has an endless supply.

Tactical Overview

Keep your distance. The Broodhome is not a close range fighter. If your enemy approaches, fire off a quick stream of Crystal Shards and detonate them at zero range as it is likely that he will out maneuver any attempt at a direct hit. The more bits of glass and rock that you can put in space, the better. As soon as you get a second to collect yourself, drop a DOGI and hope it distracts him while you accelerate away.