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The Burvixese were a civilization of Turtle-like aliens, that once lived on a swampy world of Arcturus I. They were a benevolent and wise race who, instead of travelling between stars, talked with other races via Hyperwave Transmitter in the safety of their own homes.

They were in contact with many neighbouring civilizations, including the friendly Gg, the enlightened Utwig and, unfortunately, the vile Druuge.

The Gg had been following the attacks of a murderous race known as the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah and to their horror, noticed that the Kohr-Ah were closing in on them. They had also gained knowledge that the Kohr-Ah spot their prey by following their hyperwave transmissions. Before their end came, the Gg warned the Burvixese of the Danger, and the Burvixese in turn warned their closest neighbours, the Druuge, of whom the Kohr-Ah had already noticed.

But the Druuge made a truly evil deed to ensure the salvation of their own wretched civilization: They immidiately shut down all their hyperwave transmitters, and send their fastest ships to the moon of the Burvixese homeworld. There they planted a powerful, signalling Hyperwave caster, and soon the Kohr-Ah turned their ships around to attack the poor Burvixese. Sadly the Burvixese were all wiped out in three days of orbital bombardment.

The Druuge, who had committed this ghastly second-hand genocide, were forgotten by the Kohr-Ah who had noticed the arrival of their advessaries, the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, into this region of space. Thus The Kohr-Ah proceeded to the Doctrinal conflict with haste.