Burvixese HyperWave Broadcaster

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An extremely powerful HyperWave transmitter constructed at great expense by the Druuge in a desperate effort to save themselves from destruction. The Druuge had blanketed their region of space with Hyperwave transmissions advertising and bargaining over their wares for trade, thus making themselves a prime target for the rapidly approaching Kohr-Ah death fleet.

Luckily, the neighboring Burvixese, a kind and altruistic race, had been in communication with the Gg race, first to be destroyed by the approaching Kohr-Ah. They offered the Druuge the Gg's intelligence data on the Kohr-Ah, including the Kohr-Ah's choice of the Druuge as their next target, as an act of goodwill. The amoral Druuge chose to shut down all Hyperwave transmissions and build an extremely powerful Hyperwave Caster, in secret, on the Burvixese homeworld's satellite, pointed directly antispinward at the Kohr-Ah fleet, tricking them into changing targets. By the time the Burvixese discovered this ruse, it was too late, and the Kohr-Ah homed directly in on them and destroyed them, allowing the Druuge to escape unscathed.

Though Druuge technology is crude and inefficient compared to Alliance technology, the total resources invested in building the transmitter used to betray the Burvixese give it a great deal more power and range than a standard Alliance transmitter, allowing it to reach ships traveling nearby through Hyperspace, and allowing it to penetrate thick barriers of matter and energy that block normal transmitters, even to the point of broadcasting, very faintly, through a Kzer-Za slave shield. Upon learning that Captain Zelnick had recovered the device, the Druuge attempted to regain it through trade, perhaps because of the innate value of its expensive components or perhaps to cover up evidence of their treachery against the Burvixese.