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This page is intended as a place to collect and structure ideas on how to convince Activision to let TFB create a new Star Control game once they finished their current project in the summer of 2010, as well as a repository of arguments which can be used in support of this cause.

Campaign ideas

Directly addressing Activision

We need good arguments as to why a sequel to SC2 stands a good chance of making Activision a good deal of money, not just why SC is such a great game.

Increase public exposure to Star Control

  • Star Control stickers
  • UQM CDs
  • Star Control Pins
  • Star Control Clothing

Arguments in favor of a new Star Control

There is a broad support for SC2/UQM

  • UQM download numbers

Games which are similar (in some way) to SC2 are currently successful

Aspects of SC2

  • humor
  • space
  • adventure
  • great story
  • upgrading
  • discovery
  • massively single-player
  • non-linear storyline
  • ...

Other successful games which share these aspects

  • Homeworld (also HW Cataclysm, HW II)
  • Wing Commander IV
  • Freelancer (from Microsoft)

The concepts behind SC2 appeal to gamers today

  • UQM is still finding new fans among the latest generation of gamers
  • recognition of SC2/UQM in recent publications (need references)

SC2 has influenced the creation of other successful games

Need references. Please fill in and include references to quotes by the actual designers. A game just being similar to SC2 is not substantial enough.

  • Galactic Civilizations 2, especially storywise (Drengin = Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Korath = Ur-Quan Kor-Ah)

SC has the potential to become a successful franchise

  • SC2 has left a lasting impression on those who played it (see the petition)
  • after 17 years, SC2 still has an active following

SC has something to offer to Activision which is missing in their current lineup of games

Active franchises and current games which Activision has:

  • Call of Duty
  • Guitar Hero
  • Spider-Man
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Tony Hawk

Successful games/franchises which share aspects with SC2 or are inspired by it, by competitors of Activision:

  • Mass Effect
  • Star Trek DAC
  • Spore
  • Space Rangers 1&2
  • Infinite Space

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