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This page is a stub. We encourage you to edit and improve it.

This page is intended as a place to collect and structure ideas on how to convince Activision to let TFB create a new Star Control game once they finished their current project in the summer of 2010, as well as a repository of arguments which can be used in support of this cause.

Campaign ideas[edit]

Directly addressing Activision[edit]

We need good arguments as to why a sequel to SC2 stands a good chance of making Activision a good deal of money, not just why SC is such a great game.

Increase public exposure to Star Control[edit]

  • Star Control stickers
  • UQM CDs
  • Star Control Pins
  • Star Control Clothing

Arguments in favor of a new Star Control[edit]

There is a broad support for SC2/UQM[edit]

  • UQM download numbers

Games which are similar (in some way) to SC2 are currently successful[edit]

Aspects of SC2[edit]

  • humor
  • space
  • adventure
  • great story
  • upgrading
  • discovery
  • massively single-player
  • non-linear storyline
  • ...

Other successful games which share these aspects[edit]

  • Homeworld (also HW Cataclysm, HW II)
  • Wing Commander IV
  • Freelancer (from Microsoft)

The concepts behind SC2 appeal to gamers today[edit]

  • UQM is still finding new fans among the latest generation of gamers
  • recognition of SC2/UQM in recent publications (need references)

SC2 has influenced the creation of other successful games[edit]

Need references. Please fill in and include references to quotes by the actual designers. A game just being similar to SC2 is not substantial enough.

  • Galactic Civilizations 2, especially storywise (Drengin = Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Korath = Ur-Quan Kor-Ah)

SC has the potential to become a successful franchise[edit]

  • SC2 has left a lasting impression on those who played it (see the petition)
  • after 17 years, SC2 still has an active following

SC has something to offer to Activision which is missing in their current lineup of games[edit]

Active franchises and current games which Activision has:

  • Call of Duty
  • Guitar Hero
  • Spider-Man
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Tony Hawk

Successful games/franchises which share aspects with SC2 or are inspired by it, by competitors of Activision:

  • Mass Effect
  • Star Trek DAC
  • Spore
  • Space Rangers 1&2
  • Infinite Space

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