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Canon is everything which is generally considered to be part of the Star Control Universe, as intended by Toys For Bob.

In particular, canon are

  • The Star Control game, including the accompanying manual
  • The Star Control II game, including the accompanying manual and star map.
    • Possible discrepancies:
      • In the few cases where Star Control and Star Control II conflict (such as SC1's dates being 500 years later), SC2 takes priority.
      • The game takes priority over the paper starmap, the manual and the Role Playing Resource Guide.
      • When two in-game sources contradict each other, the information supported the manual takes precedence.
  • The Star Control II Role Playing Resource Guide (hints book)
  • Anything Fred or Paul said on a public forum or chat
  • Anything Fred or Paul said in private communcations but which was later released to the public

Explicitly not canon are