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The Utwig claim to have at one point shared their homeworld with something called the Chimt. Little is known of the Chimt, except that they are described as having tendrils of some sort and that they emerged, like the Utwig, from the Murky Bog. The Chimt appear to be connected with the events that precipitated Utwig Mask Etiquette. An Utwig captain remarks that "the tendrils of the Chimt infiltrated the vast sky canopies of Fahz and then the veils fell!" However, any references on this subject are obscure and not easily understood without further explanation by the Utwig. The story of the Chimt does resemble a similar creation story found in some Earth religions about the Garden of Eden. Where the Chimt are now is not known - they could still be on Fahz, they could have been destroyed by the falling veils or could have escaped into space after the falling, or they may not even be a true sentient race per se.