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The hybrid Chmmr race
Homeworld: Procyon II
Coordinates: 074.2 : 226.8
Member of: New Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: Avatar

The Chmmr are a composite race created from the two separate races of the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm. The synthesis of the two races took place under the slave shield on the Chenjesu's homeworld of Procyon II. This process was fueled via solar power. The Captain first came into contact with the Chmrr using a HyperWave Broadcaster in orbit around their slave shielded planet.

The Chmmr's synthesis project was intended to create a race and fabricate a technology powerful enough to defeat the Ur-Quan single-handedly. The so-called "Process" would have taken approximately 35 Earth years, as it was powered solely by the Procyon sun. However, due to the severity of the situation, the Captain made a hasty call and used a Precursor Sun Device recovered from the Mycon to accelerate the Process -- what was supposed to take decades had been accomplished in seconds. Whatever the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm expected, the Chmmr were not it. The Chmmr expressed this when they claimed, "The process is incomplete yet we emerge." However, given how long the Process would have taken, it is likely the Kohr-Ah would have exterminated them long before it could have been properly completed.

The Chmmr commanded the powerful Avatar battleships in combat during the Second War and were a major driving force behind the Second Alliance's victory.