Coreward Front

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The Coreward Front was one of the last defensive lines of the Alliance during the Ur-Quan Slave War. It extended along a line between the Indi and Mira constellations. At the start of the war, in 2124 after the subjugation of the VUX and Mycon, the Ur-Quan and their Battle Thralls attempted to push through this area into Alliance space. Amazingly, the Alliance was able to hold the line. During the war, this was the major area of combat. Being right near Androsynth space, Alliance ships patrolling the Coreward Front were in constant danger of ambushes from Androsynth Hit-and-Run Squadrons. In 2134, the Hierarchy had been stalled at the front for ten years. Finally, they brought their super-weapon, the Sa-Matra, into play and were able to break through, pushing the line all the way back to Rigel. During this Hierarchy push, there was a brief attempt by the Alliance to reform the line along the Raynet constellation but the attempt was ultimately unsuccessful. The fall of the Coreward Front was soon followed by the defeat of the Alliance, starting with the Chenjesu who had been severely weakened in defending Rigel.