Crimson Corporation

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Crimson Corporation
Race: Druuge
Type: Corporatist Central Government
Status: Active

The Crimson Corporation is the business syndicate that controls and operates everything Druuge. All Druuge are employees of the Corporation. The Corporation operates all trade and business transactions within the Druuge civilization, most of which occur at the Corporation's Central Trade World of Zeta Persei I.

Earlier in Druuge history, there existed several businesses, each vying for superiority. It was only when anti-monopoly laws were relaxed that a single company achieved dominance. The early Crimson Corporation absorbed all other companies through leveraged buyout tactics, eventually becoming the sole owner of all the Druuge planets — including the atmosphere and sunlight, not just the land. This monolithic corporation became the de facto culture and governing body of the Druuge.

All Druuge seek for the betterment of the Corporation, not out of a sense of community, but, being highly individualistic, for the personal benefit packages. The Corporation improves the individual Druuge's quality of life through what they term the "Dribble-Down" effect. An individual profits more by being further up the ladder. Should the Corporation be losing money, it cuts costs by laying off the employees at the bottom of the ladder. Ex-employees of the Corporation are no longer eligible for such fringe benefits such as breathing. The penalty for trespassing on company property and stealing company property like air and sunlight is to be fed to the furnace, literally. Thus the voluntary job turnover rate is extremely low. Retirement plans in the Corporation usually contain provisions that include breathing benefits, though at reduced levels.1

Notes and references[edit]

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