Death March

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The Death March is the name usually given to the event of the Kohr-Ah applying their Eternal Doctrine to all species in our region of space, after they win their Second Doctrinal Conflict with the Kzer-Za.


The Death March commences a week after the Kohr-Ah win the Doctrinal Conflict, that is, on 24 February 2159 or, if the Supox and the Utwig have attacked and weakened them in the Battle at Antares and the Battle at Horologii, on 24 February 2160.

Order of Attacks

The Kohr-Ah will attack the species starting with the Druuge and sequentially converging upon the closest Sphere of Influence to their current location (traveling at 15.8 standard HyperSpace distance units per day and instantly annihilating any race whose Sphere of Influence they reach).

Note that they don't switch targets unless they have no current target.

If everyone is in their starting position, the order is as follows:

Once they reach Earth, the game is lost and the Kohr-Ah broadcast news of their victory to Zelnick. This happens somewhere in the fourth quarter of 2159 (or 2160, if the extra year was gained).