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The destruction of enemy ships yields a certain quantity of Debris Scavenged (or Spoils of War as described in the 3DO manual). These Resource Units (RU) are gathered only after the entire enemy battlegroup has been vanquished; if you flee from battle you get nothing. This means that it is impossible to gather RUs from any destroyed ships from the limitless fleets that usually surround homeworlds

The RU value of the debris scavenged from a single ship is one-eighth of the ship's total RU value. The total RU value of a ship is 100 times the ship point value in the Super Melee gamemode. Exceptions to this are the Slylandro Probe, which gives 550 RUs, approximately 32 times of its point value, and the Melnorme Trader, which gives 450 RUs, equivalent to 25 times of its point value. In the case of the Slylandro Probe, it is also possible to scavenge its debris after it receives the Slylandro Probe Self-Destruct Code and appropriately self-destructs. No debris is scavenged from your own ships that were lost in battle.

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