Delta Crateris V

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Delta Crateris V
RaceBox Missing Image.png
Planet which the Sa-Matra orbits
Orbit: 8.17 a.u. Mass: 2.04 e.s.
Atmo: Vacuum Radius: 1.11 e.s.
Temp: -186° c Gravity: 1.65 g.
Weather: None Day: 0.65 days
Tectonics: Class 8 Tilt: 14°
Magma World
1 satellite (the Sa-Matra)

Delta Crateris V is a Magma World and the fifth planet in the Delta Crateris star system. During the second Doctrinal Conflict between the Kzer-Za and the Kohr-Ah, the Sa-Matra is kept in orbit around this planet. As such, a ring of sixteen battle groups (each made of fourteen ships) of Dreadnoughts and Marauders guard it, preventing any non-Ur-Quan from approaching the planet. Before the Kohr-Ah win the Doctrinal Conflict, the ring is composed of twelve Dreadnought battle groups and four Marauder battle groups, the Marauder groups being evenly spaced all along the ring. After the Kohr-Ah victory there are twelve Marauder battle groups and four Dreadnought battle groups, the latter being placed in the positions formerly occupied by Marauders.

Should the Kohr-Ah be victorious in the conflict, they will proceed in their Death March before returning to this planet to claim the Sa-Matra.

Sa-MatraDefenseRing BeforeKohr-AhVictory.png Before the Kohr-Ah victory

Sa-MatraDefenseRing AfterKohr-AhVictory.png After the Kohr-Ah victory