Delta Lyncis

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Delta Lyncis is a yellow dwarf star located at 570.4 : 979.5 in the Lyncis constellation. The star system contains only two planets. However, this star system is notable for being the home to the VUX Beast. The color of the star, yellow, is mentioned in the text fragment that ZEX gives The Captain as a clue to locating the creature.

Besides The Captain, the Thraddash are known to have sent a landing party to the first planet, where they encountered and were almost all killed by the vicious beast. Also, should The Captain threaten Fwiffo in order to obtain the coordinates of the Spathi homeworld, Fwiffo will instead give the coordinates of Delta Lyncis, directing The Captain to its first planet, rather than giving the correct coordinates of Yuffo.

The following is a list of planets and moons in this star system: