Discrepancies in the Star Control universe

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For the most part, the rich and diverse lore of the Star Control Universe as created by TFB is self-consistent. However, there are a certain notable discrepancies within the games and its associated canon. This page is intended to organize and catalog these inconsistencies. A certain number of discrepancies occur between the PC and 3DO versions of the game; though not listed here, most of these can be found at the Version Comparison.

Discrepancies bewteen Star Control I & II

  • The Spathi ship is known as an Discriminator in SC1, and as an Eluder in SC2.

Discrepancies within Star Control II

  • Syreen
    • The SC2 manual states that their homeworld in the Arianni constellation.
    • The SC2 manual also calls their homeworld Syrea.
    • Beta Copernicus I, as a shattered world, doesn't seem to match Talana's descriptions: it has 1.06 g (not slightly less), no atmosphere (no sulfur clouds), and is not very hot.
  • The Insult
    • Jeffry L. Rand's ship is given multiple names: Miwok in the SC2 manual, or Far Voyager in Hayes' account.
    • The timing of the event is also different: Hayes says that the encounter happened in 2119, while the SC2 manual says the event happened in 2126, which also conflicts with other elements in the Hayes' summary of the Ur-Quan Slave War.
  • Only Hayes refers to the Yehat ruling clan as the Veep-Zeeps, every other source identifies them as the Veep-Neeps.
  • Different versions of "The Words"
    • "Hold! What you are doing to us is wrong! Why do you do this thing?" -The Safe Ones, Arilou, and The Captain
    • "Hold! Why do you do this! What you are doing is wrong!" -Pkunk
    • While the Role Playing Resource Guide correctly identifies the Pkunk, it misidentifies the Melnorme and Spathi ships as places where the Words can be learned; it should list the Arilou and the Safes Ones.
  • Unzervalt is Vela I in the game, but called Vela II in the SC2 manual.
  • Unlike every other encounter with them, the first Probe attack on the Tobermoon just disabled it, not destroying it and everyone on board.
  • According to the Resource Guide, the Faz joined the Sentient Milieu 2000 years ago, long after the first Doctrinal Conflict.
  • The Whackin' Bush is listed in the Role Playing Resource Guide as being harmless, while it in fact defined in the game's source code to be moderately dangerous.

Gameplay oddities

  • The Kohr-Ah wipe out the Arilou Sphere of Influence, but their homeworld is untouched (they may have just been forced to retreat entirely to QuasiSpace).
  • Melnorme Trade Master Greenish is not the same captain in combat if you choose to be hostile the first time.
  • Thraddash Torches can still be built at the Earth Starbase after taking the Aqua Helix; individual Thraddash will attack you, but for the rest, the game behaves as if the Alliance is still intact (bug #973).
  • Normally VUX Intruders warp into the combat zone right next to the enemy ship, but in the SC2 full game this does not seem to apply.
  • Although the Supox and the Utwig mention that they fight the Kohr-Ah in tandem, their spheres of influence are separated while in battle with the aforementioned Ur-Quan subspecies.