Discrepancies in the Star Control universe

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Note that it is possible that a Trade Master and the captain/pilot are different Melnorme, so there may be no discrepancy here.
  • Normally VUX Intruders warp in, in combat, right next to the enemy ship, but in the full game this does not apply, presumably to reduce the difficulty level.
  • Syreen
    • diurnal cycle difference in PC and 3DO versions
    • SC2 manual: homeworld in the Arianni constellation
    • SC2 manual: homeworld called Syrea
    • Beta Copernicus I as a shattered world: 1.06 g (not slightly less like Talana says), no atmosphere (what happened to the sulfur clouds), and not very hot
  • Rand's ship: Miwok in SC2 manual, Far Voyager in Hayes' account
  • Yehat ruling clan: Veep-Neep according to Yehat, Veep-Zeep according to Hayes
  • Different versions of "The Words"
  • Kohr-Ah wipe out Arilou sphere of influence - (actually, i've never gone back to their homeworld to see what happens afterwards)
  • Yehat Spheres of Influence after rebellion starts - can encounter Rebels and Royalists in both
  • Timeline difference from SC1 to SC2
  • Battle of Draco probably not in Draconis (home of the Thraddash)
  • Unzervalt - Vela I in the game, Vela II in the SC2 manual
  • Spathi ship - Discriminator in SC1, Eluder in SC2
  • According to the resource guide, the Faz joined the Sentient Milieu 2000 years ago, long after the first Doctrinal Conflict
  • Where's the Beast on Alpha Cerenkov I after it eats ZEX?
  • First Probe attack on Tobermoon just disabled it, not destroying it and everyone on board.
  • Specific 3DO differences
    • no MetaChron
    • Syreen don't give homeworld location
    • Mycon don't give homeworld location
    • Slylandro Probes don't reference origin location
    • RU value of Exotics
    • Default names and where you start out
    • number of escorts
    • Price goes up for why the bridge turned purple
    • fate of the Ur-Quan at the end
    • different description of drag force in Hyperspace