Dogar and Kazon

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Dogar and Kazon are the twin gods of death and destruction worshipped by the Ilwrath race. They represent everything that is evil in the universe. They represent a new development in Ilwrath theology, existing in direct opposition to the pantheon of gods representing virtue and social order that existed in ancient Ilwrath civilizations, whom the Ilwrath now believe Dogar and Kazon to have destroyed. As the Pkunk insinuate, the Dogar and Kazon religion may exist as a cultural reaction against the enforced order and empathy mandated by the old, strict Ilwrath religion, against which the Ilwrath have swung to the other pole.

It is not clear whether Dogar and Kazon actually exist; they are certainly not in the class of supernatural beings the Pkunk define as gods, since the Pkunk have never detected them in any capacity in their psychic explorations of the Fourth Astral Plane, where, according to them, divine beings are most likely to be found. Though the Ilwrath once communicated with the two entities through an elite class of priests, they later rebelled against these priests, whom they felt had grown corrupt and insufficiently dedicated to the cause of evil, on the orders of new entities claiming to be Dogar and Kazon and communicating over audio on a well-known Hyperwave channel