Dogar and Kazon

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Dogar and Kazon are the twin gods of Death and Destruction worshipped by the Ilwrath race. They represent everything that is evil in the universe. As brutal gods, they have many appellations.


  • "The Killer in a Black Cloak"
  • "The Great Destroyer"
  • "The Bloody-Clawed Murderer"
  • "The Dark Beast With a Thousand Young"


  • "The Great Deceiver"
  • "The Malevolent Evil in the Darkness"
  • "The Unstoppable Monster Who Has No Pity"
  • "The Hungry Lurker in the Night".

It is not clear whether Dogar and Kazon actually exist; they are certainly not in the class of supernatural beings the Pkunk define as gods, since the Pkunk have never detected them in any capacity in their psychic explorations of the Fourth Astral Plane, where, according to them, divine beings are most likely to be found. It is known that the audio communications from Dogar and Kazon received by the Ilwrath on HyperWave channel 44 were falsified, first by the Umgah and later by the Human Captain Zelnick of the New Alliance of Free Stars.