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Starship DataBank entry

The Umgah Drone has all the wit and subtlety of its makers. That is to say, even they think it's funny. The drone is a study in the unexpected. At one moment it can be slowly moving away, only to reverse direction at a speed to make even an Arilou's head spin. Its front looks like its back and when its weapon system comes on line, well, then everyone stops laughing. Usually because they've been annihilated at the molecular level.


The Drone turns slow and slowly accelerates to a slow maximum speed when using its normal propulsion system. This is generally used for delicate maneuvering and is not of much use in combat.



The front of the vessel houses a massive anti-matter vent, which controls the ship's primary weapon, the anti-matter cone. When the cone is activated, it produces a barrier that arcs in front of the vessel damaging anything it contacts. The cone is powerful enough to stop most projectiles, but it is largely ineffective as a shield due to the Drone's slow turning rate. The anti-matter cone does not consume battery power, but the Drone will not regenerate fuel while the cone is active.


The Drone's retro-propulsion system allows it to reverse at high speed in a series of "jumps". It can be used to catch enemy ships off-guard during a dogfight and trap them in its anti-matter cone, as well as propelling the drone to safety from amidst the heat of battle. While travelling in reverse "zip" mode, the drone is not affected by gravity and loses all momentum when the retro-propulsion system is deactivated. The system consumes fuel rapidly, so it is most effective when used tactically (rather than casually).

Tactical Overview

The Drone has a unique system for regenerating energy. Instead of gaining one unit at a time, its reserves are completely replenished after a set period of inactivity. If the drone uses its retro-propulsion system or its anti-matter cone, the timer will be re-set. The Drone is particularly vulnerable while it is waiting to reload. (Note: Use of regular thrusters will not reset the timer).

One of the most common tactics used with the Drone is to use the retro-propulsion system to get in range (or close to it) and activate the anti-matter cone in an attempt to catch the opposing ship. An AI pilot can easily do this and often wins the battle if and when it does, but human pilots often find this tactic to be very difficult to execute.

Against a Chenjesu Broodhome, it is possible to use the D.O.G.I.s as a propulsion system. However, the Broodhome will usually defeat the Drone before it can make it to the Broodhome.

A Drone is highly vulnerable to a Spathi Eluder, due to its short range and comparatively slow speed.

Drone icon.png
3DO Umgah Drone
Basic stats
Crew: 10 Value: 7 pts
Battery: 30 Batt. Regeneration: 0.2 units/frame
Primary: Anti-matter Cone Secondary: Retro-Propulsion
Refire delay: 0 frames Refire delay: 2 frames
Energy use: 0 units Energy use: 1 units
Max speed: 18 world units/frame Turn rate: 0.2 facings/frame
Acceleration: 1.5 units/frame Mass: 1