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Property of The Crimson Corporation
Homeworld: Zeta Persei I
Coordinates: 946.9 : 280.6
Member of: The Crimson Corporation
Ship: Mauler

The Druuge are greedy, piggish humanoids, who reside around the Persei constellation. Their whole culture is an image of extreme capitalism, and all Druuge are the employees of a syndicate they call "The Crimson Corporation." The bosses of this gargantuan corporate empire are no less than the overlords of their whole civilization. However, leaders change very often, for backstabbings and assasinations are common amongst the power hungry Druuge. Indeed, To the Druuge such Human concepts like love, kindness, friendship and morality are totally alien and laughable.

Life in the Crimson Corporation is typical: there are good times, when benefit packages and bonuses improve and bad times, when the corporation has to lay off some employees. Only, if you're out of job, you're out of luck. Because everything on Druuge worlds is corporation property, every ex-employee is instantly trespassing and guilty of stealing corporation property, like air and sunlight. Only Punishment for that is the Furnace.

By their own words they are merchants, but a word "slave-trader" would suit them more. These silver-tongued devils always try to get alien captains to exchange their crew for them, for Fuel, "priceless Alien-artifacts" and Mauler starships. In these Trades The Druuge always cheat and lie to their heart's content, anything to maximize their profit, but if you get a "too-fair" a deal for your part, they might get hostile very fast.

Druuge starship bridges are a disturbing sight to behold as even the captains are in slave cloths and bound to chains. The crew (especially the unfortunate exchanged alien crew) are used as a living cannon fodder in battle when the ship needs more energy. They are ruthlessly thrown into the furnace.