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The Earth Starbase is a space platform orbitting the planet Earth. It was built after the Ur-Quan Hierarchy defeated the Humans and erected the slave shield around Earth. The base, manned and maintained entirely by humans, was constructed by the Hierarchy as a servicing and refueling station for Hierarchy ships in the surrounding area. A resupply vessel from the Hierarchy was sheduled to visit the station every five years, but the last resupply vessel came in 2147, eight years prior to The Captain's arrival in Sol, and the start of Star Control II.

Starbase Commander Hayes has been in command of the base since the resupply vessel transferred him and the rest of the current crew from the Earth's surface in 2147 to replace the previous crew.

The Luna Base on Earth's moon also orbits the Earth, but was maintained by Hierarchy Battle Thralls.


Once Commander Hayes is convinced to help The Captain, the Starbase provides several services:

  • Starbase Commander: Commander Hayes can brief you on current events, history, and information about the other races, as well as unload minerals from your cargo bay for Resource Units (RUs).
  • Outfit Starship: Use RUs to "buy" fuel and modules to improve the flagship.
  • Shipyard: "Buy" new ships of Alliance of Free Stars and get more crew.