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Earthguard was a Hierarchy occupational force in the Sol system with orders to enforce the Oath of Fealty on the Humans. It comprised Ilwrath and Spathi ships and a command post on Luna.

Earthguard's strength began to dwindle when Ilrwath ships were recalled back to the main fleet for the Ilwrath-Pkunk War. Without the reassurance of the powerful Ilwrath presence, the remaining Spathi contingent gave into their fears that the Humans would try something sneaky. Accordingly, they made a series of "strategic redeployments", moving the entire group to Mars, then to Ganymede, later to Titan, and finally to Pluto. By rigging the Hierarchy Moon Base to still appear active, they effectively kept the Humans from learning about this migration. The Earthguard was further whittled down as Spathi ships one by one returned home.

When The Captain reached Sol on 17 February 2155, all that remained of Earthguard was an Ur-Quan Security Drone orbiting Earth and Captain Fwiffo aboard his StarRunner parked on Pluto.