Elvish Pillager's Crazy Mod

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Eli Dupree, alias Elvish Pillager, contributor at sprites and animation to Battle for Wesnoth, is also the creator of the first (and only, to this date) major mod of The Ur-Quan Masters, that changes all Super Melee ships and even some of its rules.



Rule changes

  • 14 planets at once instead of just one (half of the arena is covered with them, the other half is empty)
  • 10 asteroids that sometimes home randomly in one of the players, annoying him (they don't home in the AI player).
  • 30 ships per team instead of just 14.

Ship changes

  • Arilou Wizard (former Skiff)
    • Special notes: Now has inertia
    • Primary + Up: Confusion ray (like the Melnorme Trader one)
    • Primary + Left: Fireball (explodes at impact or range limit, transforming into an explosion of lines that deal damage at impact)
    • Primary + Right: Magic missile (projectile that aims in the general direction of the enemy and deals 2 damage)
    • Secondary + Up: Safe teleport (may end up in the path of a projectile, though)
    • Secondary + Left: Summon Demon (a wall of fire is launched from the Wizard; it replicates up to a certain point. Contact does not deal damage, but stops ships and destroys homing weapons)
    • Secondary + Right: Renders ship invisible to homing weapons (both players may, though, see a marker at the Wizard's location)
    • Bad against: Slylandro Probe, Ilwrath Avenger