Elvish Pillager's Crazy Mod

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Eli Dupree, Elvish Pillager on the UQM forums, created an extensive mod of The Ur-Quan Masters that changes all Super Melee ships and even some of its rules.



Rule changes

  • 14 planets at once instead of just one (half of the arena is covered with them, the other half is empty)
  • 10 asteroids that sometimes home randomly in one of the players, annoying him (they don't home in the AI player).
  • 30 ships per team instead of just 14.

Ship changes

  • Arilou Wizard (former Skiff)
    • Special notes: Now has inertia
    • Primary + Up: Confusion ray (like the Melnorme Trader one)
    • Primary + Left: Fireball (explodes at impact or range limit, transforming into an explosion of lines that deal damage at impact)
    • Primary + Right: Magic missile (projectile that aims in the general direction of the enemy and deals 2 damage)
    • Secondary + Up: Safe teleport (may end up in the path of a projectile, though)
    • Secondary + Left: Summon Demon (a wall of fire is launched from the Wizard; it replicates up to a certain point. Contact does not deal damage, but stops ships and destroys homing weapons)
    • Secondary + Right: Renders ship invisible to homing weapons (both players may, though, see a marker at the Wizard's location)


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